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Neca To Reveal Ultimate Jason Voorhees (09) Figure on Halloween!!!

What a glorious Halloween it will be for fans of Neca’s Ultimate Friday the 13th line of figures when they unveil their newest Jason Voorhees figure tomorrow.

Per NECA’s Facebook page, they will be releasing full reveal and details on their upcoming 7” Ultimate Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th (09) on October 31st 2018.

Not much is known at this time about the figure, and this news has sure come out of nowhere, as fans were speculating that maybe a Friday the 13th: Part 5 Roy Burns 7” figure was in the works – maybe it still will be, but only time will tell. This isn’t the first time NECA has produced the ‘09 Jason figure, as one was released to coincide with the rebooted film and came with an extra head either wearing the sack or the hockey mask and a machete.

Rest assured, this figure is going to come with a ton of accessories though.

Check back in with The Crimson Screen Collectibles to see when you can pre-order this awesome figure in the Ultimate Edition line of Friday the 13th figures from NECA.

8” Mego Re-Animator Figures Coming From NECA


Frank Ford

Longtime fans of Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator rejoice: NECA landed the rights to Re-Animator from Re-Animator Productions and are looking to design 8” Mego figures based on the film.

This is very exciting news, as a lot of fans of the film have been wanting new officially licensed figures for some time now.

There has been no official street date announced nor which figures are being produced yet, but Randy Falk, director of product development for NECA had this to say. “I have been a longtime fan of Re-Animator and know that there are lots of comedy sci-fi collectors waiting for a new Re-Animator figures. It will be a perfect addition to NECA’s line.”

Brian Yuzna, president of Re-Animator Productions and producer of the Re-Animator films, said: “We are excited about our relationship with CLC and its ability to get the Re-Animator brand out to fans internationally. “Re-Animator is a horror classic with a passionate fan base that will be well served by CLC’s relationships with top producers such as NECA.”

Rand Marlis, CEO and president of Creative Licensing, concluded: “Re-Animator is a film about a scientist who invents a way to re-animate deceased bodies. It is full crazy, gory, over the top scenes that fans have come to love. We are excited to continue to build out the merchandise licensing programme for this film.”

There have already been a few figures created for Re-Animator, but only Herbert West. Maybe this time, we can have a few other figures in the line like, Dr. Hill, Dan Cain, or Megan Halsey, or some of the other re-animated souls that West and Cain bring back in the film.

Only time will tell. Hopefully with San Diego Com-A-Con coming up more details will unfold.

Stay tuned to The Crimson Screen Collectibles for more details…

Action Figure Review: Neca’s Ultimate Jungle Hunter Predator

Steven Smith

Neca has been producing a lot of Predator figures over the past several years. Some of the characters have been pulled directly from the movies, such as Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and the City Hunter Predator (from Predator 2) and the tribal Predators (from Predators). There have also been tie-in figures from AvP line (Aliens vs Predator). And, if that wasn’t enough, NECA has also given us the game and comic adaptations, along with Predator spaceships and other vehicles that fit in the universe – one can only assume that when Shane Black’s The Predator hits the big screen in 2018 that Neca will be producing a line for that film as well.

So to say they have a full plate of Predator figures in their lineup may be an understatement.

And today we’ll be discussing their latest release: the Ultimate Jungle Hunter Predator.

The Jungle Hunter Predator is directly taken from John McTiernan’s 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

With almost all of Neca’s toys, the immense attention paid to the smallest details are impressive and not to be overlooked.
Let’s first talk about the box: it is a window box, meaning it opens like a book, allowing you to see the figure behind a plastic window – which is how Neca has been doing all of their Ultimate Edition figures lately. Having the figures in these types of boxes is a better idea the the old bubble on a card or even a complete plastic casing. These new boxes will hold up much longer and not break down and crack, like the plastic cases do, nor will the glue, like on the old bubble on a card, begin to breakdown and pull away after years of sitting on a shelf or hanging on the wall.

The design on the front flap perfectly captures the spirit of the 1987 film as well as the alien with only showing half of the Predator’s mask, and the three red targeting beams on its helmet highlighting everything in blood red, giving you just a glimpse of the figure waiting inside, while staying mysterious enough to entice you to open it and have a peek inside.

The back of the box has a short description of what the Predator is, and what happens in the movie. There are several different pictures of the figure in posed action, sometime taken right from a shot in the movie. They all look beautiful.

On the inside flap is a nice wide shot of the Predator from the scene in the movie where he and Dutch are about to square off man-to-alien, hunter against hunter, hunter becoming the hunted.

Now onto the figure itself. The Predator’s design is captured to the fullest right down to the small animal skulls it wears as decretive jewelry. The netting around its torso. The Armor, the double blades on its right wrist and the bomb counter (that opens to show the strange red symbols as it counts down) on its left wrist. The helmet is a near a perfect representation from the one in the film.

The figure comes with two heads – one with the mask, one without – and a second helmet. He also has interchangeable hands, and the plasma cannon that can be mounted on to his shoulder with a blue blast coming from it, simulating him shooting at Dutch – if you want.

Other neat items that comes with the figure are the two human skulls. One is Billy’s, complete with the spine still attached. The other skull…well, we’ll leave that up for you to decide who it is. Blane? Poncho? Hawkins?



If you love the movie and collecting Predator figures, this is a must for you to add to your collection. It goes without saying that this would be a perfect centerpiece beside your DVD, Blu-Ray, or even an old VHS or Laserdisc copy of the film. And it will fit in nicely with your other Predator figures as well.

One can only hope that Neca continues to produce Predator figures – let’s hope they can get the rights to creating the rest of Dutch’s team in full detail and we can have another battle in the jungle.

Everyone ‘get to tha chappah’ and grab yours today here at The Crimson Screen Collectibles in the link below.


Review of NECA’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3D T-800


Steven Smith

There have been a lot of Terminator figures released since Terminator 2: Judgement Day opened way back in 1991. The original toy line that came out upon the film’s release, were not the best likeness of the actors and were heavily aimed at children – though Terminator 2 was an R rated film, and marketing toys to kids was still a thing back in the 1990s, even if the movie was R rated.











But over the past several years we have been getting figures from some of our favorite movies in with details they we would have never dreamed of years ago.

Case in point: NECA’s T-800 from Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3D

When NECA first announced they were producing a new T-800 to celebrate the release of Terminator 2: Judgement Day in 3D I was excited. The production pictures were fantastic and the likeness to Arnold Schwarzenegger was uncanny – but I remained skeptical as sometimes when the final products hits our shelves it only resembles the actor, but never truly captures their likeness.

How wrong I was.

This may be the best representation of Schwarzenegger I have ever seen in my life. It looks so much like him that it’s like having a mini Ar-nold sitting on your shelf – I’m just waiting for him to say, “I’ll be back,” any moment now.

But it’s not only Arnold’s likeness that they nailed this time, but also some of the small details, like the rose box he carries the shotgun in in the mall when he is tracking down John Connor in the film. The .45 pistol is the same as what he uses in the movie. And the shotgun is exactly the same. His jacket is also riddled with bullet holes after the T-1000 shoots him. It’s fantastic!

Then there is the articulation of the figure. You can practically pose it any way you want, and with over twenty-five points of articulation; your imagination is the limit here as to what you want to do with the figure.


The T-800 also comes with an interchangeable head – one with sun glasses, one without – and both are a stunning likeness to Schwarzenegger.

This is a great addition to any Terminator fan’s action figure collection.

If you’d like to order one, they can be picked up here: http://www.mcssl.com/store/18046487/terminator—25th-anniversary-t-800

This Halloween, Sam from “Trick ‘ Treat” is Coming…


Steven Smith

There are a few thing more joyous than Halloween Night.

The smell of the foliage lingering faintly in the cool October air; air which is scraping at your skin trying to get to the bone beneath the flesh. Hundreds of carved pumpkins lining the sidewalks and stoops of homes; their chilling faces and glowing eyes watching your ever move as if they are the watchful eyes of the departed and damned. A harvest moon glowing above guiding the dead, on their night, to their destinations to torment the living. The voices of children hauntingly echoing through the neighborhood as they near your front door, hoping to score some candy and yelling “Trick or Treat” as they open their candy sacks to you – unless, that is, you’re one of the unlucky few who have been visited by Sam.

Well then my friends, if Sam is on your doorstep you’re in for an interesting night…

But if Sam has never paid a visit to your home (feel thankful he hasn’t) and you’d still like to own the loveable little guy (who has a healthy respect for the rules of Halloween) now is your chance.

Mezco Toyz has just created a 15” Sam from the cult film Trick ‘r Treat.

Mezco’s description of Sam:

Part pumpkin, part supernatural being, it’s Sam, the enforcer of the rules of Halloween. Straight from the cult status film Trick ‘r Treat, Sam shows no mercy to those who disrespect his holiday. He may look child-like and dressed for trick-or-treating, but Sam is the personification of Halloween itself. Standing an impressive 15 inches tall, Sam comes complete with his infamous and mysterious sack as well as his deadly oversized translucent lollipop. Remove his film accurate hood mask to behold his twisted demonic visage. His tattered orange footie pajamas complete the outfit. Sam features over 9 points of articulation, and comes packaged in a specially die-cut window box perfect for display. Just remember, he can watch you from inside the box, so don’t blow out your pumpkin until midnight. Look for Sam to creep into stores in September – November 2017.

The Crimson Screen Collectibles is now accepting preorders for Sam (from Trick ‘r Treat) and you can find the link below to place your order. As it states above the figures will be in stock sometime between September – November of 2017.


But beware, if you don’t obey the rules of Halloween, Sam may be paying you a visit this year with his deadly lollypop .  Happy Halloween!

Friday the 13th: Figure Line


Westley Smith

What is it about the Friday the 13th figure line that is so attractive to countless people around the world?  Is it the love of the Jason character? Fond memories of when we first saw the hockey-masked maniac slashing up victims in the theaters or on VHS?  Or is it owning a small piece of film history that we all love so deeply and MUST have it on our shelves as a keepsake from times long past?

Whatever the case, Jason/Friday the 13th is a hot seller in the toy market with no signs of slowing down, so I thought it would be neat to go back and look at some of the Friday the 13th figures that have been created over the last fifteen to twenty years.  I will only focus on the highly detailed figure line(s) from Friday the 13th and believe me there are a lot.

As a kid, I would have killed for a Jason Voorhees figure.  I remember playing with my G.I. Joes and wanting a 3 ¾ inch Jason to slice and dice his way through countless Joes – I was a morbid little kid (whatever!) - but I had to settle for a G.I. Joe with a mask (similar to a hockey mask) and pretend he was Jason.  Hey, it worked and I had fun!

But back in the 1980s and early 1990s times were different and horror figures were something relatively unheard of unless they were in model form. Models were not all that fun, and if you were a kid, you couldn’t play with them with your G.I. Joes.

All of that changed in 1998 when McFarlane (creator of Spawn) released the first set of 7" Movie Maniac figures aimed at the teen and collector market.  The Movie Maniac figures were as highly detailed as the other McFarlane toys, including their Spawn line, and were fully poseable with arm, hand, leg, feet, and head articulation.  First up in their Movie Maniac line was: Michael Myers, Leatherface, Sil, Patrick, and (drumroll please) Jason Voorhees!


Finally there was a Jason figure that could be used for something other than just sitting on the shelf to look cool and scary, but otherwise useless as it was not poseable.

The first 7" highly detailed Jason figure was billed as Friday the 13th: Jason Voorhees.  Though McFarlane’s figure hinted that it was pulled from Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday and included the backer with the Jason Goes to Hell movie poster, the figure really didn’t resemble Jason from the film.  What we got was kind of a hybrid Jason that has never been seen in any of the films.


McFarlane's Friday The 13th

Jason Voorhees

It is rather cool that McFarlane’s Jason Voorhees isn’t like any of the other figures out there today, and can stand alone as a one of a kind and isn’t directly linked to the series of films.  They would also later create Uber Jason from Jason X.


McFarlane's Jason X

Jason Voorhees

Now the floodgates were open as sales for these highly detailed horror figures sky-rocketed and every toymaker jumped on the horror bandwagon to create their own line of horror figures, and you better believe that Friday the 13th (Jason himself) was included in all of these upcoming lines.

Let’s start with the reigning king of Friday the 13th figure line as of right now: NECA.  Over the past fifteen years NECA had been producing high quality figures of licensed brands such as Alien(s), Predator, The Terminator, Halloween, and A Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.  It is no surprise that they got their hands on the Friday the 13th rights too, and they have produced some of the best Jason figures out there today and it all started with their Cult Classics Line.

Let’s start with the 7” inch plastic figures:



Friday the 13th: Part 2

Double pack Jason and Mrs. Voorhees and shrine playset.


Friday the 13th: Part 2

Jason Voorhees


Friday the 13th: Part 3

Jason Voorhees

(2016 edition)


Friday the 13th: Part 3

 Jason Voorhees


Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

 Jason Voorhees


Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Two variations of the figure - one with double headed ax (bloody) or machete (not bloody).



Friday the 13th: Part 6: Jason Lives

 Jason Voorhees figure and box.


Friday the 13th: Part 7: The New Blood

Jason Voorhees



Freddy vs Jason

 Jason Voorhees single pack figure and double pack including Freddy Krueger.


Friday the 13th (2009)

Jason Voorhees


NES Jason Voorhees and musical box

Alt Jason 1

Friday the 13t: The Final Chapter (2017)

As NECA has begun to branch out of just producing 7” inch figures, they also started including a line of retro figures as well.  Though they are not as highly detailed as the Sideshow Collectable’s figures, they are still very well made and the detail on each figure is high quality.


Friday the 13th

Mrs. Voorhees and Jason retro figures

Convention Exclusive.



Friday the 13th: Part 2

Jason Voorhees Retro Figure




Friday the 13th: Part 3

Jason Voorhees retro figure.




Friday the 13th: Part 5: A New Beginning

Roy Burns (imposter Jason) Retro Figure.



Friday the 13th: Part 6: Jason Lives!

Jason Voorhees retro figure.



NES Friday the 13th

Retro Jason figure

NECA also released several  ¼ scale Jason figures as well.


Friday the 13th: Part 7: A New Blood

18" Jason Voorhees


Freddy vs Jason

19" Jason Voorhees


Friday the 13th (2009)

18" inch Jason Voorhees

MEZCO Toyz created their own line of Friday the 13th figures and were as detailed as NECA's.  They introduced their own line of horror figures in the 2000s called "Cinema Of Fear".


Friday the 13th: Part 3

Jason Voorhees


Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

 Jason Voorhees


Friday the 13th: Part 6: Jason Lives!

Jason Voorhees


Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

Jason Voorhees

A more accurate representation to the film than the McFarlane version.



Friday the 13th (2009)

Jason Voorhees

There were two different versions - bag and hockey mask.

Mezco also released a 12" Friday the 13th (2009) figure and a 3 3/4 inch figure in that time.


Friday the 13th (2009)

12" inch Jason Voorhees


Friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees 3 3/4 inch

Recently, a 3 3/4 retro figure line was released from ReAction Figures that threw back to toys of the 70s and 80s such as the Star Wars line.


Friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees 3 3/4 inch figure from ReAction

Sideshow Collectables line of Friday the 13th sixth scale figures are probably the most detailed (not to mention the most expensive) and they also feature the only representation of Jason from Jason X before he becomes Uber Jason in the film.


Friday the 13th

Mrs. Voorhees


Friday the 13th: Part 2

Jason Voorhees


Friday the 13th: Part 3

Jason Voorhees


Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Jason Voorhees


Friday the 13th: Part 6: Jason Lives!

Jason Voorhees


Friday the 13th: Part 7: The New Blood

Jason Voorhees


Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

Jason Voorhees


Freddy vs Jason

Jason Voorhees


Jason X

Jason Voorhees

There are a ton of other figures to talk about that have been created over the years, (bootlegs, POP!) some I may have even missed in the above sections, but these are the ones I know about, and at least for myself and some collectors, that I feel need to be concentrated on as they are the figures with the highest amount of detail for your money and collectable enjoyment.

Let us hear what some of your favorite Jason figures are.

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